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Siha Quest

About Us: Formation

Siha Quest is a social enterprise that is transforming the lives of persons with disabilities. Our founders are four young women with physical disabilities born and raised in Meru County who have been running disability awareness outreach programs for children with disabilities, their caregivers, and persons with disabilities in Meru County since 2015.

By interacting with persons with disabilities at the grassroot, we realized the need to go beyond awareness and be part of solution to the identified gaps and struggles of the participants who mostly did not have formal education.

Our work is informed by the principles of The Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities (CRPD) that advocates for removal of barriers and empowerment of persons with disabilities within the communities where they live- the social model disability theory.

It is anchored on the social model disability theory that calls communities to remove attitudinal and social cultural barriers to enable people with disabilities live and participate in communities on an equal basis with other members of the society.

Siha Quest is working with self-help disability groups that are always seen as dependent and expected to be helped and not to be part of solutions. We are adding value to farm produces produced by farmers with disabilities and selling back nutritional food products to Meru County and its environs at affordable prices.

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Siha Quest


Siha Quest

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